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My Brand New Brows – Part 2

My Brand New Brows – Part 2

My Brand New Brows

I did it! Well round 1 anyway….and do you know what – it was fine – no pain, no bleeding, no weirdo shaped eyebrows…. I had myself all worked up and for what I ask myself!

Being the ever-eager chick that I am I sat outside Olive’s Clinic, 10mins too early, working myself into a knot, doing a little self talk (‘Come on Caroline, no need to be scared of needles, you’ve been through a lot worse than this. If it’s really sore I’ll just let her do one brow and I’ll just draw in the other one nobody needs to know…’)

But I guess ye do – as I’ve had so many texts and calls wondering if I have gone into hibernation because of a botch eyebrow job?

Did it hurt?  Was there blood?  Is one higher than the other?

Well I’m so glad to say it all went very smoothly.

Meeting Olive

Once I met Olive I felt so much better. She is the type of person you feel that you’ve already known forever, if you know what I mean. She would completely put you at ease, which is a skill in itself seeing as I had spent 10mins in the car getting myself worked up, and the fact that you are not allowed coffee (or alcohol – 10am appointment a bit too early to crack open a nice bottle of red!) cos it’s a vaso…. Come on chemo brain….nope, aint going to come to me…basically coffee can cause you to bleed more as it effects your veins and for some people coffee makes them extra jittery.  To be honest I’m not too pretty myself without my cup of joe.

Did it hurt?

Anyhow, it was straight down to business, consent forms at the ready and eyebrows numbed up with Olive working her magic. I thought I was ready for the pain seeing as Olive explained it was not a blade but 14 tiny needles that would be scoring my brow.  Out of 10 I’d have given it a max 3 on the pain scale if 1 is a OW you just poked me and 10 is you have just poked my eye out with a blunt blade and it is hanging out of its socket kinda scale.  Once the anaesthetic kicked in it wasn’t sore, but the noise of the needles scratching was a little disconcerting. But nothing upsetting and there wasn’t any blood – imagine that – NONE!!  Supposedly if your eyebrow tattoo lady is doing her job right she would be working between the dermis layers of the skin, ‘the sweet spot’ and there should be minimal bleeding.

Olive being 29 years a nurse certainly knows her stuff.

Time for the eyebrow chat

Before she goes near you there is a lot of discussions about the colour of the brows, your hair, your eyes, the shape of your face, rounded brows, square brows, brow tails, brow height….I didn’t realise there would be some much to chat about eyebrows.


Then Olive draws an outline of the brow and with a little tweaking here and there we eventually agreed on the shape.

2 hours since I arrived at the door I was done (eyebrows very dark as you have to leave on the dye for min ½ hour max 3 hours) so armed with big sunnies and on a mission to find a decent cup of coffee I headed off with my after-care instructions, which basically require keeping your fingers away from them for risk of infection, not picking at the new brows and using the oil to help them heal – easy peasy I can do that.

Being the good patient that I am, I followed the rules and my eyebrows are looking fab – they have faded a bit as they are healing but Olive warned me about this and I have topped them up (once they healed) with a little help from my trusty eyebrow pencil.

The plan is back to Olive on the 21st of December  for round 2 to fill them in and add the finishing touches… I love these brows now, faded bits an all but I know I’m gonna love the finished product even more.

So glad that I took the step to get tattooed – never thought I would ever say that sentence! – I’m well hard now tough out!!

Bye for now,

Caroline x

For lots more info on Browtique visit their website at www.browtiquecork.com



Caroline Warren
Therapeutic and Oncology Massage Therapist at | caroline@touchtherapycentre.ie

Caroline is a therapeutic and oncology massage therapist, and founder of the Touch Therapy Centre in Cork. The Touch Therapy Centre offers a range of specialised therapeutic and oncology massage treatments in a safe and comforting environment for those going through a serious illness or for those who simply want to relax, recharge and unwind.

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