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Touch Therapy Treatments

The Touch Therapy treatments have been created specifically for those going through trauma in their lives or for those who would just like to take some time for themselves and recharge and reconnect.
It doesn’t matter if it is through bereavement, family crisis or ill health The Touch Therapy Centre provides comforting and caring surrounding to help ease the body and mind.

Touch Therapy Massage

Helps to soothe conditions associated with serious illness such as compromised skin. Also helps to decrease the associate stress levels and as a result help boost the immune system, promoting better sleep patterns.

Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage – 30mins – €40 -60mins – €65
A massage that uses rhythmic pressure techniques (you decide how much pressure) to relieve tension and aching muscles.

Indian Head Massage – 30mins – €40- 45mins – €50
This ancient Indian healing massage combines physical manipulation with the more subtle form of chakra balancing to relieve tension and revive the spirit.

Holistic Full Body Massage – 75mins – €75
From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, a soothing and relaxing massage to ease sore muscles and stiff joints.

Foot, Legs and Hands Massage – 30mins – €40
Concentrating on both the hands and feet this therapeutic massage will help with circulation issues, relieve any stiffness and provide a moisture rich barrier for any skin complaints.

Touch Therapy Facials

All our facials can be adapted for Oncology Care and to include a scalp treatment if required.

Holistic Facial – 30mins – €40 – 60mins – €65
This facial can be done as a taster facial, a perfect quick pick me up facial or can be booked for a full hour helping cleanse, rebalance and soothe the skin.

Rejuvenating and Lifting Facial (with or without) crystals 60mins – €65
This anti ageing facial targets cheeks, chin, neck and fine lines for the ultimate lift offering remarkable results using specialised products and techniques..

Intensive Facial 60mins – €65
Designed to focus on reducing dark circles, puffiness and fine lines and targets your specific skin concerns leaving you with a beautiful complexion.

Moisture Intensive Facial 60mins – €65
Provides a saturating moisture boost to dry skin conditions- a super hydrating facial an ultimate boost for stressed out skin.

Lavender Repair Facial 60mins – €65
Using the healing properties of Lavender this facial balances and decongests troubled skin.

Skin Calming Facial 60mins – €65
Designed to rebalance sensitive and easily irritated skin, soothes and reduces redness.

Signature Treatments

All our signature treatments can be adapted for Oncology Care:
75mins €75 /  90mins €95

Head to Toe Package
This fantastic all over body experience includes a facial specially prescribed by your therapist to suit your individual needs and a soothing and relaxing body massage.

Pamper Me Package
Experience the ultimate Touch Therapy treatment, a sensational back, neck and shoulders massage combined with a facial of your choice, melting all your stress away and leaving you glowing..

All Wrapped Up Package
A delightful moisturising massage focusing on the feet and hands, with a cuticle nourish award winning nail mask, wrapping them in heated towels for maximum benefit from our luxurious hand and foot balms.
A facial to finish the ultimate relaxing experience.

Manuka Honey Melt
Using the healing and medicinal properties of warm Manuka honey to cleanse, intensely moisturise the face and plump the skin followed by a relaxing hand and foot massage using our luxurious hand and foot balms and nourishing nail mask.

Keeping Cool Package
Designed to target any redness or skin irritations especially from scar tissue with our cooling aloe vera gel strips and cooling spritz followed by a facial or massage of your choice.

Soothing Scalp Package
For those with an itchy and sore scalp a soothing and cleansing treatment for the scalp, helping to promote hair growth and relieve discomfort, followed by a relaxing facial of your choice and hand massage.

Triple Treat – 45mins €50
A lovely combo treatment for those a little pressed for time where we start with a 15 min back massage, 15min Indian Head Massage and finish with a 15 min mini facial that includes either an exfoliation or a mask depending on which you feel your skin needs more.